Wear your jewelry without worrying

Get a custom and comprehensive insurance policy for your cherished pieces without breaking the bank.
Protection for your favorite pieces
Accidental loss, damage, & theft
If your necklace is stolen, your ring falls off while swimming, or your bracelet scrapes against pavement, jewelry insurance can cover the replacement or repair cost. 
International travel
Did you lose your bracelet in Barcelona? Did your ring fall off in Rotterdam? Jewelry that’s stolen or lost while you’re abroad is covered.
Wear & tear repairs
Jewelry insurance can cover routine maintenance for normal wear and tear, like prong retipping, stone tightening, clasp replacements, and more.
Automatic value changes
We automatically make adjustments to your jewelry’s value based on market changes. It’s a complimentary service that ensures you always have the right amount of coverage.
Coverage that doesn't affect your home insurance premiums
Jewelry is often expensive, so insuring it via your home insurance can increase your premiums. Jewelry insurance is a great option if you want protection for your pieces but don't want to inflate the cost of your homeowners policy.
Wear & tear
Keep everything shiny
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