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All the coverage you need, priced just right
Fire & smoke damage
When the fire department puts out a fire, it almost always results in some water damage. With ResidentInsure, your coverage extends to those losses related to fire and smoke damage.
Theft & burglary
Replacing your items—your computer, furniture, TV, jewelry, and more—is expensive and time consuming. Get a policy that will make a tough situation less stressful.
Liability claims
As a renter, you’re also liable for any damage you may cause to another person or their property. ResidentInsure prevents you from being on the hook for massive damages.
Electrical damage
You never know immediately whether or not your apartment complex has bad wiring or other faulty electrical setups. ResidentInsure can cover your electronics too.
Fast and easy enrollment
Getting insurance can be a little intimidating. What’s a good price? What kind of coverage should I get? When does the policy take effect? We’ve made everything crystal-clear when you sign up. Just follow these 4 steps.
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